Activate Armada Delivery

Armada delivers all over Bahrain

Services offered by Armada

• Delivery Dispatch

• Driver Tracking

• Order history search

• Delivery reports and statistics

• Integrations with order aggregators

• API integrations

• Bulk delivery dispatch controls and much more!

Armada supports businesses in any industry that has a product which needs to be delivered

• Delivered on demand

• Distributed in bulk

• Scheduled for next day delivery Our customers can be from the following industries:

• Food and Beverage

• Warehouse Logistics

• Florists

• Consumer Electronics

• Fashion Retail

• Home Businesses

• Corporate Invoice and contract Distribution

• Banking and Insurance card Distribution

• Supermarkets and convenience store deliveries

• Diet Program Deliveries

Standard pricing table

0 - 15 KM
1.5 BD
15 - 25 KM
2 BD
25 - 35 KM
3 BD
35 - 45 KM
4 BD
45 - 60 KM
6 BD
60 KM+
6 BD + 250 fils per KM

Bulk pricing when looking to deliver multiple orders at once

10 orders
1.5 BD
20 orders
2 BD

* Drivers can take more than 10 orders up to full vehicle capacity.

* Armada does not charge per-hour, we only charge per-order. Armada has a strong fleet of trained drivers that are equipped with heat-insulated bags and can cover all over Bahrain and can deliver multiple deliveries at once.

Armada also has a SAAS software-only option for the customer to manage their own delivery fleet available for a monthly subscription fee.