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Automate your finances

Finanshels - Your financial management pain relief!

Say goodbye to excel sheets & automate your financial processes

"Imagine ditching excel sheets and having an easy way to automate all your financial functions."
Finanshels is a state-of-the-art automated financial and bookkeeping solution tailor-made to your needs.
Scale your finance functions without scaling your team with automated data flow from multiple data points.

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No need to hire technologically challenged book keepers anymore.

The next generation Accounting firm: Combining dedicated tech savvy financial experts with the
most powerful software
Get Real-time insights into your financial health with a dashboard that calculates your financial
KPIs on autopilot.

Work on your business instead of being stuck in your business.

Finanshels simplifies your financial life through a technology-first approach that focuses on
providing tools and resources to manage finance seamlessly and makes sure you never miss a
Well-designed accounting process & technology customised to your needs helps you manage your finances efficiently and with absolute accuracy.

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Let us help you track your performance

• We'll get an understanding of your business and map the related process

• We'll assist on a weekly basis in entering each transaction into the industry-standard Xero accounting system

• We'll handle bank and system reconciliation to ensure accuracy of your financial records

• We'll prepare & provide analysis of your financial statements

You can expect the following financial statements

• Income statement

• Balance sheet

• Cash flow statement

• Receivable & Payable aging reports

• KPI’s

• Observations (high level Financial DD)

Additionally, we can assist in

• Handing cash and collections

• Writing cheques and conducting bank transactions

• Preparing and processing payroll and employee benefits

• Managing and monitoring inventory and assets

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